Lost Heimat


Najd Al-Bakr, 25 Business student from Damascus

Allaa Faham, 20 High school student from Damascus

Sandrela Dakdouk, 21 Stylist and actress from Damascus

Helena Dakdouk, 19 High school student from Damascus

Anas Aboura, 30 Event manager from Damascus

Selma Hassan, 53 Telecommunications engineer from Tartous

Farida Sheho, 15 High school student from Aleppo

Mehrivan Sheho, 20 High school student from Aleppo

Shahin Sheho, 24 Theatre actor from Aleppo

William Al-Khoury, 51 Administrative official from Homs

Ezzaldeen Hassani, 24 Law student from Deir ez-Zor

Fadi Friek, 37 Businessman from Aleppo

Rozven Ali, 9 Primary school student from Hasakeh with her parents

Odette Ghazal, 62 Housewife from Aleppo

Alaa Al-Bagdadi, 22 University student from Idlib

Hadi Al-Hannan, 29 Painter and varnisher from Damascus

Anas Al-Agol, 30 Business economist from Aleppo

Fahima Malki, 46 Housewife from Qamishli and her son

Fadi Al-Salek, 20 High school graduate from Damascus

Danny Aweel, 32 Computer technician from Homs

Nermin Baravi, 32 Project manager from Damascus

Fadi Yakub, 25 Pharmacist from Damascus